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Author[s] (Year), Title, Archives of Data Science, Series B Volume(Number), PagesFrom-PagesTo.
Ball, Fabian and Geyer-Schulz, Andreas (2017), Weak Invariants of Actions of the Automorphism Group of a Graph, Archives of Data Science, Series B 2(1), 1 - 22

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Christian Hennig, Iven van Mechelen, Nema Dean.

Articles in this Publication:

Author(s) Title Pages Download  
Van Mechelen, Iven and Vach, Werner Cluster Analyses of a Target Data Set from the IFCS Cluster Benchmark Data Repository: Introduction to the Special Issue 1–12 Get Article Details
van der Hoef, Hanneke On clustering patients with low back pain 1–16 Get Article Details
Liu, Fengmei, Gupta, Sucharu and Tortora, Cristina Cluster Correspondence Analysis and Reduced K-Means: A Two-Step Approach to Cluster Low Back Pain Patients 1–29 Get Article Details
Greenacre, Michael Use of Correspondence Analysis in Clustering a Mixed-Scale Data Set with Missing Data 1–12 Get Article Details
Phan, Le, Liu, Hongzhe and Tortora, Cristina K-Means Clustering on Multiple Correspondence Analysis Coordinates 1–17 Get Article Details
Gondeau, Alexandre and Makarenkov, Vladimir Identification of patient classes in low back pain data using crisp and fuzzy clustering methods 1–17 Get Article Details
Fitch, Joseph, Khan, Nazia and Tortora, Cristina Back Pain: A Spectral Clustering Approach 1–16 Get Article Details
Hennig, Christian An evaluation of the IFCS Cluster Benchmarking Data Analysis Challenge 1–14 Get Article Details