Kruse, Felix, Dmitriyev, Viktor and Marx Gómez, Jorge - Archives of Data Science, Series A

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Title Building a Connection Between Decision Maker and Data-Driven Decision Process
Authors Kruse, Felix, Dmitriyev, Viktor and Marx Gómez, Jorge
Year 2018
Volume 4(1)
Abstract It is quite common that most of companies' decisions are made based on feelings, intuitions or personal experiences. The reasons for such patterns have organizational, technical and process oriented backgrounds. For instance, there is no structured way to deal with the analytical results on both sides simultaneously -- organizational and technical. Usually, in case of analytics the ones doing analysis (e.g. data scientists) and the ones using results of analytics (e.g. decision makers) are different persons. As a result, such a structure leads to ambiguity and misunderstanding between the involved parties. In order to bridge the existing gap between data scientists and decision makers, we introduced the Data Product Profile which links both data science and data-driven decision processes.