Murgia, Alessandro and Tsiporkova, Elena and Verbeke, Mathias and Tourwé, Tom - Archives of Data Science, Series A

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Title Context-Aware Performance Benchmarking of a Fleet of Industrial Assets
Authors Murgia, Alessandro and Tsiporkova, Elena and Verbeke, Mathias and Tourwé, Tom
Year 2018
Volume 5(1)
Abstract Industrial assets are instrumented with sensors, connected and con- tinuously monitored. The collected data, generally in form of time-series, is used for corrective and preventive maintenance. More advanced exploitation of this data for very diverse purposes, e.g. identifying underperformance, oper- ational optimization or predictive maintenance, is currently an active area of research. The general methods used to analyze the time-series lead to models that are either too simple to be used in complex operational contexts or too difficult to be generalized to the whole fleet due to their asset-specific nature. Therefore, we have conceived an alternative methodology allowing to better characterize the operational context of an asset and quantify the impact on its performance. The proposed methodology allows to benchmark and profile fleet assets in a context-aware fashion, is applicable in multiple domains (even without ground truth). The methodology is evaluated on real-world data coming from a fleet of wind turbines and compared to the standard approach used in the domain. We also illustrate how the asset performance (in terms of energy production) is influenced by the operational context (in terms of environmental conditions). Moreover, we investigate how the same operational context impacts the performance of the different assets in the fleet and how groups of similarly behaving assets can be determined.